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Welcome to the world of ful Femdom – a place where women dominate and punish their male and female slaves turning them into miserable obedient sextoys and taunting them in the most depraved manner. Role playing, bondage, hot wax, genital tortures, lashing, spanking and orgasms – the most ful pleasure is the most desired one here.

Movie Title: A Lesson Of Obedience

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This mistress is a specialist in schooling disobedient slaves. With a great set of domination and -bringing tools on hand she is a true nightmare for her poor submissives. She puts the guy in stocks and lashes his ass and then stretches him against the wall to give his naked body some hardcore whipping. The lesson continues as she ties her sexy female slave and gets ready for another round of punishment. What’s it gonna be? See the video to find out!
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Movie Title: Shrink Wrap And AssFucking

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This man has no other choice, but to submit to his cold-ed mistress’ will and become her loyal slave ready to fulfill her every depraved wish and fantasy. His dom shows no mercy wrapping him in shrink and drilling his tight butthole with a smooth dildo and when he gets horny without her permission she punishes his cock making him moan and sigh of ful pleasure. Does this evil bitch have more dirty tricks on her mind? You bet she does!
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Movie Title: Hot Wax And Balls Torture

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This mistress is famous for her evil ways and love for the most ful punishments. This time she surpassed herself almost making one of the toughest slaves cry like a little baby after her hot wax and genital tortures. With his ass all pink and aching the poor guy got gagged and stretched against the wall with his nuts clamped and his depraved dominanta pulling those little chains attached to the clamps making him shake and moan of .
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Movie Title: Whip That Ass!

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New slaves have to think fast here because should they make a single mistake they will be punished with no mercy. One of the men was a slow learner and ended up with his head and hands in stocks and his bare butt subjected to hardcore whipping. It had to be a lesson for some other submissives too and the mistress made ‘em watch their fellow slave’s suffering in order to give them an idea of what awaits them should they show the slightest sign of disobedience.
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Movie Title: Role-Playing Fantasy

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Some of our mistresses love role-playing even more than hardcore punishment. They make their male and female slaves dress and act as if they were at some
medieval carnival and please their lustful dominantas with tender caress, sextoys and oral pussy play. They seem so kind and gentle at the moment, but
should anyone disappoint them the punishment will be inevitable and a sweet role-playing fantasy will turn into a horrible domination nightmare.
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