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Lina Inverse had a problem her breasts just weren't big enough. Finally she came up with a spell to increase her boob volume, and damn it worked well. She loved her new size, and looks like Gauri, her travel companion, loved it, too. See Lina put her rack to action in this crazy scene.

Mihoshi is a Galaxy Police detective, and a totally hot girl, too. Disrobed, with her massive milking mounds exposed, she was attacked by a villain who took advantage of her hot helpless body. Imagine her surprise when she found out the attacker was Tenchi, her long-time friend!

Sakura was desperate for a rest. She was so exhausted she even could not cover herself with a blanket! Naruto, her long-time admirer, just could not resist the sight. See him use the shadow cloning technique to double-team the nude hottie and live out his wildest fantasy ever.

Sailor Moon traveled to the dark underworld to rescue her friends. That was a courageous deed, but she never expected a local demon to take control over her in such a kinky way. See the brave hottie enduring some penetrations and raw dicking. So damn hot, this one!

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