Update at 26.08.2008
Lusty Pregnant Babe 3D
Look at me! Desire me… You want me? Yes, I'm pregnant, and yet so sexy and attractive, huh? Don't my pretty-sized boobs arouse you? Is my ass still fine? Come, let me caress you with my lustful hands, let me kiss you all over, lick my nipples, touch my belly, fuck me… want so more? Let me swallow you, let me lick you clean, push your dick inside and move slowly…Feel my wet cunt? Want to suck on my nipples? Come closer and…bring joy… please ...
Update at 25.08.2008
Perfect Sex-servant
All servants at this chineese house are allowed to do only what their master desires…They are not to wear anything besides nice apron (the sexy one), and they should always be ready to satisfy their masters wishes, even the nastiest ones. It should be mentioned, though, that most of the time servants' desires agree with master's, and it really isn't a big problem for a servant to blow the master instead of serving the dinner…You see, their master is…
Update at 23.08.2008
Detention, full of passion
“When I was left for detention I expected a totally different pastime. But it appeared Ms. Jones had no panties on, and when she noticed my hard-cock (which got hard immediately when I got a look at her hairy pussy) Ms. Jones made me…eat her cunt! After her massive squirting orgasm Ms. Jones turned around and instructed me to insert two fingers in her soaking wet pussy. I obeyed eagerly…I could hardly wait till the moment I'd stuck my dick inside her!”
Update at 22.07.2008
FAQ about dildos. by Fractux
“Emily! Just a quick note! HE found my dildo!!! I thought it would be some kind of disaster, but actually…well…he was all confused, than sweet, than anxious…excited…and…you won't believe!!! Listen, he showed me some new ways of using it!! Guess what, Emily! NOW I know what orgasms are like…Kisses….P.S.: real dicks are thousand times better…now I know for sure ;)
Update at 22.07.2008
Cleaning the holes

Some holes should be cleaned especially thoroughly and who other than me can show how to do it properly to my sexy naive harlotte ? M-m-m…honey, use this brush, stick it deeper…let me help you…wow…creamy…salty… tasty…Now…do me!
Update at 09.07.2008
Teacher's Pet
Man, I'm telling you, it was the most unforgettable feeling…You see, I graduated a year ago, and as I was walking home last Monday I met my art teacher and she…Well, she begged me to be a model in her Art class, cause their model was sick. I agreed before I found out the model was supposed to be naked. Well, the class consisted of quite old ladies, and you should have seen their eyes when they saw my 12 inch dick…I never saw such hungry eyes before, they…
Update at 25.06.2008
The FX Files. Resident Sex.
Sex zombies, X-virus, monsters, agent Skully, and lots of sex…probably even too much sex! “Sex zombies make poor slaves and tend to decay after several days. They are just carriers of a second strain of the virus. One that just makes sex slaves of people. It binds their will to only one man…ME!”, - says the main bad man, and now agent Skully must stop him in spite of the lust and passion she feels for his mutated very well equipped body!
Update at 18.06.2008
Monstrous gang-bang
Zombies and vampires love to have sex, too ! This time a crowd of monsters caught a young sweet girly girl with nice ass and tits, and they are about to fuck her brains out! The girl appears to be a nymphomaniac, so it's a good thing monsters are so tireless – their unbelievable gang-bang will last for hours, and no one will be able to understand who is fucking whom…oral sex, anal sex, double…triple penetrations! Fabulous…
Update at 17.06.2008
The FX Files. True Sex.
Diane Skully is deep in troubles this time – Skinner ged her and Jill with some weird stuff, so now Skully is lusty and horny as hell; she wants to be fucked so bad that she masturbates and seduces Jill! In order to find out a secret code Skinner then starts torturing her really bad – he is stimulating her cunt with some kind of a machine not letting her cum…Poor Diane – she never desired an orgasm so bad…luckily for her, a huge-dicked monster breaks in the room and…
Update at 12.06.2008
Missing Miri. Digital comics.
After landing on planet Larion, gorgeous Shannon received word that her young sister, Miri, was missing. Shannon will have to go through all kinds of troubles to find and save Miri, and really…fucking and blowing monsters to get information will not be the worst part of her adventures. Some monsters are nasty, some are just horrible, but they have huge dicks, and there are few who are very skillful and tender in giving oral pleasure…
Update at 12.06.2008
Freshly Maid by Iesys and Daddybear
Ralph Naransky, one of a growing number of independent x-rated video producers watches a new maid cleaning his house. The girl is very appealing and…lusty, so Ralph gets a great chance to interview a potential actress and…to receive an awesome blow-job from a very skillful eager young lady. Meredith will first dust his dick (just to make sure it's clean!), then she'll undress to show her fresh hot body, and afterwards she'll get down on her knees and…
Update at 23.05.2008
Squeezed between two dicks
…Placing one hand on my hip, Tommy used his other hand to guide the tip of his cock in my waiting asshole…I was very…horny and…eager to get more of his dick inside me…meanwhile Willy's dick was already buried deep in my cunt, rocking me slowly and gently…In a second my not-so-long-ago-virgin body was squeezed between two dicks, and I was truly enjoying the act…Guys' dicks were tearing me apart, rubbing against each other, soon they…
Update at 17.05.2008
Ladies and lots of boys

When two extremely experienced and insatiable ladies meet in bed they're just unstoppable…They first will exhaust each other and then…take care of the boys! “– Oh, Rose…why didn't we start doing this a long time ago?– Because we weren't supposed to…but those days are over…how do you feel about foursome…with the boys?– Watch it! You're making me horny again…”

Update at 17.05.2008
Unusual Situations

Usually the trumpets don't need too much convincing to start having sex. And this time was no exception, especially when the situation was rather unusual:the first time for girl alone with the two boys, the first time in a hotel with both and, besides, wearing pumps. The porn entourage was of course an added zest for the threesome, and girl took her new quality as porn slut very seriously

Update at 15.05.2008
Kitty girl. by RAF

You can't call me a pervert – my sweet kitty-girl seduced me by herself! I know, I know, I'm over forty, I've had dozens of women, and she…she is so young and…cute…but trust me – she is a sex panther in bed! Her blowjobs are…unbelievable…and that's in spite of the fact I'm the first and the only man in her life! Her body, her movements, her sweet pussy…her hands…damn she's sexy!

Update at 11.05.2008
First discoveries

He was always nice and gentle with me, but that time was special…He was caring as never before, and there was a good reason for it…it was the first time…I ever had sex…or even saw a penis…in reality…It wasn't too difficult to make that step…cause he was so…convincing…and… charming… when I first touched his…dick…with my…tongue… a wave of pleasure…covered me… he moaned and…


Update at 07.05.2008
Kim Li in prisoner of the Plastoids !

Markov Industries chemical plant, a prime target for B.A.B.E. and its allies. Here is where the billionaire Vladamire Markov designs and creates the special weapons used by S.L.A.M. The Sinister Legion for Anarchy and Mayhem...