Cosmic Invasion

Molly was sweet and beautiful teenager, her blue eyes and innocence made you think of nice and pleasant things, but the thing that actually happened to her was terrible and humiliating! One summer night, when Molly was resting sound hugging her Teddy bear, horrible huge alien invaded her girly bedroom! When Molly woke up and saw terrifying monster with snaky dick, she believed it was just a bad dream, but when his cock crawled inside her mouth, she knew she was mistaken.

Lara Croft: The Weed Rider

Lara Croft’s quest on the planet KB-1786 went wrong from the very beginning: after several hours of shooting ugly monsters her guns failed her!! Hidden by a giant beautiful flower Lara was thinking of the plan to escape dangerous alien jungle, but she didn’t know that she had been trapped already. With dirty slurp the beautiful flower grabbed her with its flesh-like weeds and…fucked her!! The flower’s lustful liana crawled up Lara Croft’s pink pussy exploring it and even making it leak!!! Another liana shut Lara’s mouth, preventing her from screaming and receiving nice blow-job from her…But flower’s naughtiness was nothing: ugly monster Scorpicrab showed Lara real and humiliation!

Dirty Fairy Tale

Two leprechauns caught themselves Bunny – charming wooly creature with tight warm pussy under her cute white tail… Those heartless bastards, Conner and Murphy, asked Bunny to suck their longing cocks and even invaded her cozy cave! Fearful Bunny was shocked by their lust and rudeness, and when the leprechauns were chilling after tremendous orgasms she took off as fast as she could!!! Conner and Murphy enjoyed Bunny’s amazing body so much that they rushed to catch her. But as Bunny run into some spooky cave the leprechauns left: they knew that terrible Cyclop lived in there. Be sure: that monster enjoyed Bunny’s terrific tight holes, too!

Fifi's Weird Dream

Fifi is in front of the mirror one night trying to make sure she looks super-sexy for a date. She puts on her best underwear, but is a bit puzzled over what she will wear besides it. She opens her closet only to find a big scary octopus-like creature in there. The intentions of the creature are not clear until it starts sticking one of its s into the girls' mouth. Fifi understands what she needs to do, even though not a single word is uttered by the weird creature. However, that's not the end of it. While Fifi is working diligently on the octopus's -like cock, another creature appears in the room. Fifi is a smart girl, and it doesn’t take her too long to realize the other stranger wants her to do exactly the same. Fifi will have to apply all her outstanding sucking skills to make sure she satisfies her unexpected guests.

A Picnic Fuck

Tina and Jay go on a picnic to a beautiful secluded place. They get hot as soon as they arrive, so Jay rips all the clothes off his horny girlfriend making her suck his thick black cock and then fucking her in a variety of positions to make sure her cunt is properly stimulated before she finally explodes. Jay fucks his slutty girlfriend in doggy style, makes her ride his cock frontwards and backwards, not to mention all the sucking she has to deliver. Unfortunately, Jay never gets to cum, as Tina is kidnapped by a weird winged creature while they are right in the middle of their "a la naturelle" adventure. Tina is taken to some place unknown and thrown onto the ground. She realizes what the creature wants form her as soon as she notices its purple cock quickly growing in size. A lot of work is still ahead of Tina, so she gets down to it without hesitating too much…

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