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A Walk In The Forest

Cecily is caught while walking in the forest and enjoying the nice weather. She is ed by a huge monster Wenhar who delivers the girl straight to Samael. After checking out their , the monsters know exactly what their plans for dinner are. Some hardcore sex is always better than a lonely meal in the murky cave, and Cecily is bound to be in the center of attention for the rest of the day. Samael and Wenhar are wearing no clothes at all, and their giant thick cocks are approaching Cecily with every second until they all take part in a mind-blowing monstrous orgy. Cecily expects no mercy from the creatures, she is stretched over thick cocks and made to please them until both Samael and Wenhar explode in a mind-blowing orgasm.

Ex Red-Riding Hood

Once upon a time there was a young girl Lara who decided to visit her grandma, for which she had to cross a big forest with dangerous creatures living in it. As she was walking to her grandma's house with a basket full of tasty pies, she was being watched by an evil creature Melbor that could think of just one thing – fucking that young beauty with smooth milky skin. Lara didn’t have any chance to escape: she was ed by the creature and made to suck his dick for a warm up later having to satisfy his every sexual whim. They were soon joined by Melbor's friend, and the orgy continued like that, with Lara's holes being stretched by two cocks simultaneously.

Selene's Misadventures

Selene, the sexiest warrior of the Dull Valley, got caught by two horny trolls. But instead of killing her, they dragged her to a secluded place where they…ordered her to undress!! That was quite unexpected – before trolls were too stupid to use humans sexually…But when they ripped off their poor clothing, revealing gigantic hard cocks, Selene understood that she was in a really deep shit. They made her suck their dicks by turns, and since Selene couldn’t fit even their knobs in her mouth, trolls got a bit frustrated…but then suddenly one of them discovered her sweet pussy-hole! Now horny trolls knew how to satisfy their lust! Huge red dragon got some, too!

The Devil's Whore

The Devil sends his minions to Earth searching for an innocent angel to bring to him. The Devil is deeply interested in having a personal whore from Heaven and the beautiful young woman they bring back is perfect. On the Devil’s orders the minions are to torture her to soften her up. The red monster wants her broken so she doesn’t have too much fight left in her. He wants a perfect whore that will take his cock and semen without argument. He wants a personal fuck hole and that’s what she transforms into as the minion delivers greater and greater and abuse. He ends up going too far and angering his boss but ultimately the angel becomes the perfect whore for the Devil. She lets him have her mouth and pussy without much argument and she even begins to enjoy it.

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