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There is no escape from nasty chikans chasing their female s on overcrowded trains or buses. Pretty girls can't feel safe almost anywhere, even in the movies once light goes out. Frightened and ashamed poor things feel greedy hands groping their tits and asses while bulging cocks of their chikan assailants keep rubbing against their privates.

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These pretty and neatly dressed females don't even realize what danger they are in when they try to use the underground at rush hours. They end up tear-smeared, with their ly ravaged bodies clad in ripped and jizzed clothes, waiting for help in vain 'cuz chikans are hard to find once they've got their share of filthy degrading fun.

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A girl can run into a chikan almost anywhere in a public place especially when it is crowded. Before she knows it, the groper will be all over her, squeezing her juicy boobs, grabbing her rounded ass cheeks and rubbing her clit thru the thin panties. These kinksters wildly enjoy forbidden delights.

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A poor babe who had suffered a chikan assault could never guess where the danger would come from. You can't tell a chikan from an average male before he attacks. These pervs choose mostly innocent-looking, goody-goody girls and get kicks seeing their embarrassment and shock. After the chikan finishes with them they won't be that innocent anymore!

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Ravaged and degraded s of notorious chikans could never expect something as horrible and humiliating as this happen to them. The groping bastards slide their hands under the girls' skirts, pinch their nipples and finally get into their pants. They always manage to have their way with unsuspecting sexy females before vanishing into thin air.

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