Troll-Fucking Video Guide
Warslaves fucking for Alliance
  • Evil Worgen about Ultimate Elf-Fucking Guide:
    I can't explain how it happened, but the explanations I've read about Porncraft Guide recently and the game itself boggled my imagination to the utmost! All colorful and bright game heroes screwing me and me fucking me gets me really going! Those elves are so juicy..
How to gank for the Horde!
  • No use to explain that I decided to have my hand in play first and foremost after reading The Guide. Also, I'd like to say that adore screwing those bright green and violet creatures most of all and lick off nuggets of wolf-like slaves. You can't help denying the fact that you like those meaty night elven ladies, elves and succubuses are pretty good too by the way.
fiend's fucking step-by-step!
  • The Guide's lines attracted my imagination and I got in this world somehow! Tall horrible fiends with horns on heads and between legs drive me nuts, and fuckin' them virtually I can hardly keep cool while looking through the Ultimate Elf-Fucking Guide and playing the game itself. Do elfs fuck as good as trolls?
How to gank Elves for Dragons
  • If you read this Elf-Fucking Guide, you must have gone sexually insatiable as well, coz fucking elf is getting a highball of . So, I've mastered The Guide, and was playing five minutes after I had read it. Now I am learning devil's fucking step-by-step and hope to be pounding them when finish the next portion of Guide!
Boss-Fucking Guide for Dummies
  • This Elf-Fucking Guide teaches not only how to do elfs, but a great number of different personages, and trolls and fiends are my favorites. It seems that doing warslaves is much easier and simpler, but they are so much adrenalizing. So, thanks a lot to everyone who created WoW and set up such amazing Guide. Join and Enjoy!
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